Gay History Month Bonus Show

Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika

Written By Tony Kushner

Directed by Cheryl Denson

Kalita Humphreys Theater

$30 - $50


Part two of Tony Kushner’s epic tale of AIDS in 1980s America begins in a ruined place where the old orders are splintering and everything—andeveryone—has come apart. Prior Walter is a prophet, and now the “great work” of rebuilding this devastated world can begin. We meet characters who, having faced annihilation, must now confront their own stubborn indestructability. Profoundly funny, magnificently theatrical, and startlingly timely, Perestroika is a story about locating hope in the midst of chaos. The New York Times called it “a true millennial work of art, uplifting, hugely comic and pantheistically religious in a very American style.”

Rated R - Under 18 not permitted without adult supervision




Emily Scott Banks, Pam Dougherty, Marianne Galloway, Kyle Igneczi, Walter Lee, David Lugo , David Meglino, and Garret Storms.





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