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If you do not already have a free vimeo account, you will need to create one when you click on your video link. Simply enter your first and last name, email address and create a password and click sign in with email or you can create an account using your Facebook or Google account login by clicking on either of those options. You can create a free vimeo account anytime before clicking on the video link if you'd like. Just visit: www.vimeo.com.
Click on the ticketing link you received in your email. You will be sent to a page prompting you to login to, or create, a VIMEO account.
Once you’ve joined or logged in to your VIMEO Account, you’ll receive confirmation and a green “Congrats!” message. Now click the blue button marked “Continue” once you are ready to activate it and watch the video. This is what starts your 48 hour clock.
You’ll be sent to a page with blue button marked “Watch Now”. Click it to begin watching the video through the device that you’re on. If you’d prefer to watch it later, or through your TV, read the information provided under the "we’ll show you how" link.
Once you’ve pressed the “Watch Now” button you’ll be sent to Uptown Players On Demand page to watch your video. To adjust quality, volume, or view size, connect to an external speaker, or turn on Closed Captioning use the controls on the lower right corner of the picture.
Press the play button and enjoy. You can watch the video as much as you like for the next 48 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will my link be active?
Once you activate your link to watch the video, you can re-watch as many times as you like within the next 48 hours. You might activate your link by the final day of streaming for each production, but you will then have 48 hours to watch it after activation, even if that extends beyond the final streaming day.
Can I share my link?
Each link is unique and can only be used once. If you've purchased multiple tickets and have multiple links, you may share those as you wish. If you only have one ticket link, however, and you provide your link to someone else who uses it before you do, you will forfeit your own viewing! Of course, you're welcome to enjoy the video with others on the same device if you purchased a multiple viewer streaming ticket.
What if I need help accessing the video?
For assistance, please refer to VIMEO's help page regarding watching videos by clicking here:
If you need additional assistance, Uptown Players will have live support available during special box office hours Monday-Sunday from 10am to 8pm from September 25 through October 4. For assistance, please call 214-219-2718.
What devices can I watch the video on?
You can watch the video on any device that's connected to the Internet, including mobile devices, computers, and TVs.
Do I need a VIMEO account to watch?
Yes. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create one when you click on your ticket link. You can create an account ahead of time if you'd like. Just visit: www.vimeo.com
Can I pause the video if I need to?
Yes! You will have the same controls over the video that you normally would with any movie on demand. You can pause, fast forward, or rewind. We do have a brief intermission built into the film between acts as well so you can pause there to refresh your drink or get a snack.