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July 2021
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Uptown Players now accepting video submissions for its 2021 production of When Pigs Fly. 

All cast members must be strong singer/actor/movers with solid skills in traditional musical comedy. The show is designed to celebrate the joy of old-school vaudevillian performance style. All the characters in the show are gay men. All ethnicities are encouraged to submit a video audition. Quirkiness, individuality, and diversity are all a plus.

Howard Crabtree’s When Pigs Fly takes place in a hastily booked theatre under renovation, Howard struggles to put on a lavish musical revue over numerous obstacles, including the near-mutiny of his cast, and the nagging memory of his high school guidance counselor, who told him he'd succeed 'when pigs fly.' Just when it seems all is lost, Howard realizes the problem isn't that he's gone too far - it's that he hasn't gone far enough. The show goes on, and all of Howard's fabulously sequined dreams come true.
The following roles are available to both equity (pending union approval) and non-equity actors. Local Dallas hires only. The show is under the direction of B.J. Cleveland. Music direction by Kevin Gunter.

HOWARD - Baritone/Tenor.  30's.  Any Ethnicity.
A mad genius costume designer, he is the heart of the show and its driving force—even as he loses control of it. Wholesome and mid-western, his creative urge cannot be denied.
MAN #1 - Tenor. 35-45. Any Ethnicity.
Imperiously grand, he holds on to his professionalism as number after number implodes under the weight of Howard’s overblown ambitions. Must be an adept drag performer. 
MAN #2 - Baritone/Tenor. 25-40. Any Ethnicity.
Impish subversive. Wicked, but lovable. A strong comic who can turn around and deliver the evening’s one serious ballad.
MAN #3 - Baritone/Tenor. 22-40. Any Ethnicity.
A young tall character man with a great physique.
MAN #4 - Tenor. 25-40. Any Ethnicity.
A plus size show-stopper with a big Tenor voice. 

Please prepare an up-tempo comedy song in the style of the show that shows personality and vocal range. Please slate with your name and song at the beginning of the video. Attach your headshot and resume to the email with a link to your video submission.  Video submissions should be sent to auditions@uptownplayers.org no later than Wednesday, April 21.  If you don't have an audition accompaniment track, and you wish to audition with a cut of Color of Colorado from the show, please email auditions@uptownplayers.org and request the sheet music and accompaniment track.

Please sign up at http://bit.ly/PigsFlyAuditions to let us know that you plan to send in a video submission and which role you feel suits you best, as each character description is unique. The director will consider you for more than one role if you fit the character description. Don't forget to send in your video, headshot and resume by the deadline of April 21. By signing up, you understand that you will need to have received your COVID-19 vaccination(s) by June 1.

Tentative rehearsal and performance schedule

Rehearsals will likely begin on June 14 for a 3 week run from July 9-25, 2021.  All current CDC COVID health and safety protocols will be in place for this production. including callbacks, rehearsals, and performances. All cast and crew must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (including the 14 day period following) before attending rehearsals.
Information on in-person callbacks is pending and will likely take place in early May.