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July 2022

The Uptown Players Internship Program offers a rich and challenging experience for qualified college students who are preparing for careers in professional theatre. Interns have the opportunity to refine their practical and critical thinking skills through close interaction with production staff and artists. Because Uptown Players functions with a relatively small staff, interns are valuable additions to our staff. Student interns will be expected to organize their time well, communicate efficiently and appropriately with others, respond to requests in a timely manner, and present themselves in a professional and focused manner at all activities.
At a minimum, applicants must:
· possess the knowledge and experience necessary to intern successfully in the theatre;
· be socially mature and self-confident;
· be able to digest new information quickly and apply it productively;
· be consistent and dependable in their work habits, as well as self-reliant and flexible;
· have good communication skills;
· enjoy multi-tasking and creative problem-solving; and
· work comfortably and effectively in a highly collaborative environment.
Internships are entry-level positions with a variety of tasks, allowing the student to gain experience in the professional theatre. Increased responsibilities during the course of the internship depend upon a student's performance and the needs of the theatre. A $400 Stipend is paid for each month during the season that the intern is available to work, assuming the minimum number of required hours is worked.  For production internships, EMC weeks are available.  School credit is available for all internships based on school policies. Interns, age 18 and up, are accepted. 
To apply for an Uptown Players internship, please email info@uptownplayers.org with the internship you are interested in, along with a resume that shows your experience in that area.  Also, please indicate whether you will be able to apply for school credit hours as part of the internship.  The deadline to apply for spring internships which begin March 1 is January 15 and the deadline for summer internships which begin June 1 is March 15. 

Theater Administrative Intern Positions
(Typically, Interns make a commitment of at least 12 hours per rehearsal week for each production that they work.)


Assist with the preparation of audition notices, character profiles and actor call lists, as well as with scheduling and monitoring auditions; prepare routine correspondence, including rejection letters and responses to actor inquiries; and maintain casting files.  Requirements 20-25 hours per production, including attending auditions.


Observe strategies and procedures for marketing and publicizing the season; assist with website updates, social media, distributing promotional materials, creating weekly newsletters; assist with special events, including opening nights and designer run/some rehearsals.  Requirement: 12-20 hours per week with some weekday/daytime hours.


Production/Design Intern Positions

The successful candidates will have demonstrated interest and experience in many of the various production areas and a willingness to learn new skills as required, excellent attention to detail, flexibility, outstanding organizational and communication skills, and the ability to multi-task.


Assist stage managers throughout the production process, beginning with pre-rehearsal preparations and continuing through technical rehearsals and opening night. Beginning with attendance at production meetings, the intern will take part in the rehearsal process, technical rehearsals and will work at least one production as a crewmember. This internship will involve the intern in every facet of the production. Duties may include: organization and tracking of props; creating contact sheets; being on-book; and serving on running crew. You may be called upon to perform such duties as: running props, shifting scenery, follow spot operator, or dresser.


Assist the resident costume designer with costuming main stage or festival productions. Intern Duties & Responsibilities may include assisting with the pulling of costumes, shoes, accessories, etc. for productions, assisting with the organization of the costume storage, maintaining costumes throughout the run by tending to show notes, repairs, etc., production laundry (washing, drying, ironing, & steaming), stitching: alterations & builds as assigned,
craft-work as assigned: millinery, cobblery, metal-work, leather-work, etc., stock organization: re-stocking & some re-organizing.  Intern reports to the wardrobe manager.


Lighting intern works 12 - 15 hours per week during each production load in/load out period. Opportunities to work as a board or spot op during tech week and performances exist. Stipend paid.  Intern reports directly to Master Electrician.
Intern Duties & Responsibilities may include assisting with maintaining the lighting inventory, attending all light calls to hang, focus, & gel instruments, attend production meetings, and assist during cueing and tech week as needed. Prior light rigging help a plus, but if a candidate does not have prior experience, they may still be considered if they have a good work ethic, are willing and able to learn, have sufficient time to devote to learning the proper skills.


Summer scenic/prop internships last for a period of no less than 60 hours per production worked. Most internship hours will be fulfilled Monday through Friday, between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM. Intern will report directly to the Master Carpenter.  Opportunity exists to work on backstage crew during tech week and performances.  A Stipend is paid.
Prior scenery construction and design education or experience is a plus, but if a candidate does not have prior experience, they may still be considered if they have a good work ethic, are willing and able to learn, have sufficient time to devote to learning the proper skills. Intern Duties & Responsibilities may include assisting with set and props construction, base painting constructed pieces (possible detail & finish painting for advanced painters), maintain inventory of set pieces and props in storage.